Show You Care with Supportive Cards

There are many different occasions you might choose to send a card but ultimately the sentiment is always the same. You want to show you care. Sometimes sending a card can be purely about telling someone that you are there to support them while they are going through a tough time.

We know that a card is much more than a folded piece of paper. There are difficult days when the time and effort spent on a beautiful card might just be the thing that person needs to lift them out of a dark place.

A heartfelt card can mean so much and that’s why we’ve created a range of supportive cards, which can be sent for any number of reasons or ‘just because’. Each of these designs is original and has been created by one of our artists, with a considered theme and thoughtful text alongside.

We love to think about where these cards might be destined, and hope that they are able to spread little bit of hope and kindness to those that may need it.

If you are interested to know more, speak to your local area sales manager or contact customer services on 01892 838 574 /